For my mom and dad’s Christmas tree we always go cut it out of our horse pasture shortly after Thanksgiving. It was our same tradition this year, but the tree was not the same.

Yes we watered it. But this year the tree shed like no other tree we’ve have ever had. Ornaments fell off daily and the sound of rain could be heard when we put them back on.

Usually we like to keep it up for a while after Christmas…not this year! With such a “delicate” tree we weren’t sure how to get it out of the house without leaving 20 million needles everywhere! But it HAD to go!

After taking the ornaments and lights off there were already so many needles on the floor that I suggested we shake it and leave the mess in one spot. All my dad had to do was wiggle the top of the tree with two fingers and we had a bald tree!

We’re not sure if it was a different kind of pine tree or what, but something was wrong with it!


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