My New Years Resolution for 2013!

My New Years Resolution - The Country Scoop with HeatherIt is always hard for me to choose a New Years Resolution!

I don’t focus on the materialistic options like work out more or make more money, but more of the idealistic resolutions, like have a happy year or be successful.

You may see it as leaving a lot of room for error and not giving myself a chance to fail by not sticking to a more focused resolution, but I think that it giving you more options to succeed. Yes, I’m a glass half full thinker!

If you make your resolution more broad you can fit all your blessings into it and you can think of all the positives that work towards your resolution. It could make you a happier person!

Otherwise, I just have to make up a resolution for every part of my life. Respect my parents more, call my siblings more often to talk, be more patient…with everything…, listen to my boyfriend more, give more attention to my animals, be a better Christian, strive for more at work, etc., etc.

Now that I’ve went through all this, I think I can choose a resolution. I thought, be a better person would work, but then I would have to add, allow your self to make mistakes to it. I’m a perfectionist. So, basically all that comes down to this:


What’s your Resolution?!