Andy Griggs helping Sandy Hook victims

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After receiving many messages about helping out the Sandy Hook victims, Andy Griggs is doing what he can to help!

“As my arms were thrown up to the sky with so many question marks,” Andy wrote to his fans. “A lot of you had ideas about me writing a song and somehow aiming it towards some kind of charity that would go to the families. Well, you inspired me! I called my friend, Bobby Pinson the next day. We sat down and wrote what I thought would be a completely awkward song. It was the exact opposite! It came out better than anything I could’ve imagined.”

The song is called “Twenty Little Angels,” referring to the 20 first grade students who were part of the 27 people killed in the shooting.

Next week, the song will go on sale on iTunes with 100% of the proceeds going to the Sandy Hook Support Fund. iTunes and credit card companies have waived their fees to make sure it truly is ALL proceeds.

Great job Andy and Bobby! Go to for more.


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