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Keith Urban Holding Up On Idol


American Idol JudgeThe season 12 premiere of American Idol is over and Keith Urban seems to be holding up so far…he only had to banged his head off the table once!

Poor Keith has to sit between the girls, Mariah Carey and Nikki Minaj, as they got into it once again, it always seems like they fight at least once.

Randy actually had to sit in-between the girls once when Keith had to leave for a concert in Las Vegas. That must be a crazy schedule!

There were some pretty good singers last night, day two, and some more memorable ones compared to the first night. There was a girl, a fire performer who was, admittedly, “quirky” but she was really good! She sang an original song and played guitar.

There was also a guy who grew up with a stutter that made his life very difficult, he could hardly talk at one point, but when he sang it was amazing how smooth he was. And he was good! I was happy to see him put through!

Idol will be on FOX on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.




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