A Freezing U.P. Yields A Spectacular U.P.

Lake Superior, January 2013
How Lake Superior handles -16 degrees!

I knew this morning was going to be our coldest day yet, but I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful!

I woke up and rolled over to see an amazing sunrise out my window this morning, so the day already started of lovely. My truck started with hardly any problems, a major worry even with a full tank of gas when my phone said “-16 feels like -26”!

Then, as I got into Marquette and drove by Lake Superior, I felt like I was in a movie. I had just heard about this effect the cold temperatures had on the lakes on TV6 last night. The 45 degree lake is way warmer than the air, so it is basically steaming..and evaporating which is no good since two of the Great Lakes reached record-low water levels last week!


Even with the dangerously cold temperatures, it was a magnificent morning today that only Michigan’s Upper Peninsula could experience.