Super Bowl Champions 2013

Standing at 6’4″ weighing 315 lbs. #74 for the Baltimore Ravens – Michael Oher!

I think Super Bowl 47 went pretty well this year; the Baltimore Ravens won and me and Tim McGraw are happy!

The game was looking like it was going to be a blowout, but after a power outage…(which I say was)caused by Beyonce’s halftime show…the 49ers started their comeback. Then we had a game!

I was very happy to see the Ravens pull 0ff the win mostly because I like Michael Oher, “The Blindside” star! At only 26 years-old, with four NFL seasons under his belt, this was his first Super Bowl appearance and he got the ring! It was also nice to see Ray Lewis leave on the highest note possible in the NFL.

Tim McGraw, who starred in “The Blindside” with Sandra Bullock, said, “It would be nice to see Michael win and see that whole ‘Blind Side’ story come to completion.”

Congratulations to Michael Oher, Ray Lewis, the Ravens and all of Baltimore!



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