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Valentines Day 2013


Valentine’s Day this year was good and it is still getting better!

Last night, before my boyfriend got home from work, I wrapped up the Under Armor camo hat he’s been wanting for a while and his favorite Jilbert Dairy ice cream…Mackinac Island Fudge…and put lasagna and garlic bread in the oven. The surprise was almost ruined however; earlier that day I told Walt and Mike from the Sunny Morning Show on Sunny 101.9 my plans. They announced it on the radio! Luckily my boyfriend is working out in the middle of no where right now and didn’t hear it!

When he got home, he surprised me with a dozen roses (I have a soft spot for roses!), a

huge Reeses heart (my favorite candy), and a chocolate muffin (I’m a chocoholic!)! I loved it all! And he loved dinner and his gifts, especially the ice cream. He actually opened it up and licked the top of it!! Ha!

The Mackinac Island Fudge is in the freezer : )






Today we are meeting for a family dinner at the Villa and tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going out to see “Identity Thief.” Hope it’s good! This is the most eventful Valentine’s Day we’ve had yet!

Did your Valentine’s Day go as planned?




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