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My Trek Into Town


The Blizzard Warning here in the U.P. is, sure enough, hanging around as long as the National Weather Service said it would.

Yesterday, I left from my parents house, the roads weren’t too bad, they were plowed and it was snowing hard, but the gusting wasn’t too bad. As soon as I crossed the county line into Marquette County it got worse. I drove to the Dukes Road and into almost zero-visibility. I had to turn around.

I thought it had to get better and settle down today, nope. Starting out this morning, I had to jump through a 4 foot drift to get to my truck, then I rammed my way out of the driveway…the snow was up to my hood. Wah!

Driving into Trenary, I thought, “I’m not going to be able to make it again today?!!” It was almost a complete whiteout again!

Luckily, it got better after the county line this time and I was able to make it into work! Be careful driving and send me your blizzard pictures!


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