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Are You ‘Dancing With The Stars’ ?

Dancing with The Stars
Woman Lost Shoes by George Hodan

Here’s s0mething I don’t watch…”Dancing With The Stars”! BUT, Wynonna Judd and Kellie Pickler are not stars on the show, so I might think about tuning in…once.

Even though I do like “So You Think You Can Dance,” I definitely prefer singing competitions over dancing competitions. I love “American Idol,” I watched “Nashville Star,” “The X Factor” and some of “The Voice,” but not that an American Idol  is on DWTS I have to try remember….Season 16, Monday March 18th at 8 on ABC.

For some reason Kellie seems like she would be good after lots of practice. She is kind of ditzy and funny so I’m sure her first few lessons will be good to watch. Wynonna, I don’t know how she is going to tackle it, but hopefully it works out well for  her.

I really don’t know anything about the show. Do you watch people lose weight and get in shape while discovering grace, or are they falling on their face? I don’t know.






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