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This weekend I went to Petoskey, just below the Bridge, to visit my cousins and their new baby girl!

We had fun taking care of the baby, shopping and catching up. My cousin also talked me into doing the 10th Annual Mackinaw Memorial Bridge Race. It’s a 5.6 mile run with a time limit for running it…kinda scary. Also, the first half of the race is uphill on a 5 degree angle.

I’ve got almost 11 full weeks to train for the run, and I need to train because I don’t necessarily love running, so I haven’t done it that much since high school. It does motivate me knowing that I am doing it with someone else however, then they are depending on me to run with them and I have to do it for them too and not just myself.

Wanna run it? Go to–43/#.UUc_tTe0dR4!