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NIT Action Monday, March 25

Great Lakes Radio sponsored the NIT's
Some good NIT basketball action!

With the Negaunee Invitational Basketball Tournament underway, there have been games to watch almost everyday.

Last night my family and I went to watch my boyfriend and his team play in Class D action. It was a good game! 38-36 at halftime – we had the slight advantage.

Negaunee Invitational Tournament
It was a very fun game to watch!

Both teams fought hard the entire game and the three point shots were ridiculous, one after the other, answering the other team every time!

At the end of the night Martin’s Sports Apparel ended up advancing to the next round. WOO that’s our team!

I can’t wait to step out on the court myself…Great Lakes Radio not only sponsors the NIT’s but are sponsoring a team as well…we are called the Sunny Girls! The women’s league starts in April and we play in Class B Friday, April 5th at 6 p.m.!

Come cheer us on!




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