The Mission Craze for My Birthday?

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Do you have an April birthday too? Mine is coming up at the end of the month and my family was asking what I would like.

Normally, I like clothes and shoes or horse tack; I have what I need for my horse, but you can never have enough clothes!  But this year my dad went to the Rec & RV Show at the Superior Dome and came back with some booklets.

He had stopped by the Maple Lanes Sports booth and asked about fitting my grandpa’s old bow to me. He said it most likely couldn’t be done…my grandpa always told me I could hunt with his bow and I want to, especially now that he’s gone.

After some convincing, I gave the Mission Craze a chance. It does fit me perfectly, and it’ looks awesome and it has a 15-70 lb. draw weight, rather than a 40-90 lb. setting like my grandpas, the draw length would fit me and the let-off is 80%, much higher than my grandpa’s older bow.

I will always keep my grandpa’s bow, but maybe as a keepsake on the wall.

Got to to see the specs for this bow!