The Biggest Giveaway Party I’ve Been to with Great Lakes Radio

Great Lakes Radio Giveaway
A full house!!

The Great Lakes Radio Giveaway Party featuring the Michigan Sales & Equipment Kubota Kommander was a huge success!

With hundreds of people there vying for the zero-turn mower, we had a full house. It was the biggest party I’ve been to yet with Great Lakes Radio!

Our game was the classic beanbag toss! A Trenary favorite for get-togethers! The food was great from Mama Russo’s, Labatt Blue’s drinks topped it off and Country Lanes and Entertainment Center was the perfect place for the party!

One of my favorite parts of the night is when Elmer Aho from American Country Gold on 103 FXD got up and told his story!

103 FXD Giveaway Party

Make sure you check out all the pictures!

Gary Babcock of Negaunee, Michigan Wins $5000 Kubota Tractor at Great Lakes Radio Giveaway

Elmer Aho Wows Fans at the Kubota Kommander Giveaway with Michigan Sales & Equipment

Gary from Negaunee Takes Charge of His Castle with a New Kubota Kommander from Michigan Sales & Equipment!

Great Lakes Radio Giveaway
Elmer Aho on the mic!

Gary Babcock of Negaunee Wins $5000 Kubota Kommander Tractor from Michigan Sales and Equipment and Great Lakes Radio ‘Take Charge of Your Castle’ Contest

CONGRATULATIONS TO GARY BABCOCK for winning the GRAND PRIZE, the Kubota Kommander!!