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Windy Winter Climb to Change the Tower Lightbulbs… 700ft up

A view down from about 500ft up
A view down from about 500 ft up

Negaunee, Michigan  –  It was a beautiful sunny day in the Upper Peninsula, right up co Rd 510. Temperatures were around 45 degrees, and except for the wind, a perfect day for a tower climb do scheduled maintenance on the tower.

About 50 ft off the ground the winds picked up… this is normal, but a few of the gusts got a little crazy.  Towards the top I could feel the tower swaying, time for another “Carnival Ride”.   Imagine being hundreds of feet up in the air, then getting twisted and swaying 8 feet in any given direction.  The wind was so loud, I couldn’t hear myself think and had to shout to communicate with the other climber less than 20 ft away.  Fun huh?!?

I took a break somewhere around 500 feet to capture  some of the view and record the wind.  You can’t really make out my voice over the wind whipping.  If you could hear me, I was trying to point out the Tilden and Empire Mines, Lake Superior and Marquette.

The tower is up county road 510, any of the inland lakes you can see in the video are part of the Dead River Basin.



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