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The Bag of Dirt that Cost Me $100 Bucks


Marquette, Michigan  –  So the bag of dirt didn’t really cost me $100 all on it’s own… but it did spur our trip to the hardware store which turned into over $100 bucks.  Why buy dirt you ask?

Cori and I both agree that it’s essential to have some living green plants in the house, and I think it’s also a lot of fun to watch them grow. 🙂  When they grow, they need a bigger pot, when they need a bigger pot…. they need more dirt, and our lucky leafy friends got some nutrient rich, airy, dark black dirt!

We just acquired a new Stag Horn Fern that needed to be transfer into a hanging pot and a few of the cuttings Cori had taken were ready as well.  Check out the little roots on some of them!


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