Birthday Party for Tobi – Surprise Stops and German Food for All!

Apple Dessert from Maders.  They all came out and sang
Apple Dessert from Maders. They all came out and sang

Milwaukee, Wisconsin  –  Our family road trip to Rockford, Illinois took a detour to Milwaukee for a special birthday surprise.  This weekend Cori and I took our German exchange student Tobi and another exchange student friend Patricia to Rockford.  We couldn’t wait to kick ’em out of the truck and be kid free for 2 weeks!  They met up with 50 other students and jumped on a bus that would take them to New York City and Washington D.C.  It happened to be Tobi’s 17th birthday and we had a few surprises planned for him along the way.

The first was a birthday doughnut or cupcake, (his choice) from Huron Mountain Bakery in Marquette.  We joked in the car about other surprises and I threatened to keep his window rolled down and locked for the whole trip ;-)  We all teased him about other silly surprises that he gullible believed for a few seconds before realizing we were just messing with him.  The time in the truck flew by and before we knew it, it was time for lunch.

We pulled into Milwaukee and Patricia knew what was in store for us right away when she recognized a German looking sign.  She was right and we were heading into an incredible German restaurant in Milwaukee – Maders!  Cori and I have eaten there many times and if you ever get the chance, take the time to experience this place.  It’s a traditional, old world place with armor and swords on the walls, a huge wooden bar with Beer Steins everywhere, and the food… oh the food!