Guys… Marry Someone Who Can Cook – Appetizer Heaven!

...  And they tasted better than they look!
… And they tasted better than they look!

Marquette, Michigan  –  While it may sound silly and even rude… my favorite part about Cori my wife isn’t her Lovely smiley, or her curvy physic,  it’s not her drive and passion in everything she does through our life, or how much fun we have together and that she’s always there to lift me up.  It’s her cookin’ ;-)

Now don’t get me wrong, of course I love all of that about Cori, and so much more too, but DANG this girl can cook.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “The way to a Mans heart is through his stomach”  Well Cori and I both hold up our ends of that bargain.  She is always making incredible tasty treats and I’m always home to eat, Eat, and EAT!

This weekend Cori decided to whip up an old family recipe that’s just incredible – Pizza Wontons.

Cori smiled as I went in fist over fist stuffing my face and girlishly proclaimed “Mmm, these are good, and sooooo easy to make too!” I responded that they were even easier to eat.  Cori must have been impressed by her own cooking, because she finished her plate before I cleared mine… and that’s saying something!

Cori – Thanks for being my everything and for all the great food!  Love yah – and what time did you say dinner was tonight?