I am a HAM – No not like Pork…

The License finally came in the Mail from the FCC
My License finally came from the FCC

Marquette, Michigan – I am finally an official  H.A.M.  No, Not like a ham bone or a “Funny guy” but an Amateur Radio kind of HAM!  My call sign is KD8WVH.  If you’re interested in seeing what we are doing locally check out our local club the Hiawatha Amateur Radio Association.

Last year I planned to take the test for my Technician Amateur Radio license, but I ended up in Denver, Colorado for the test.  A few weeks ago I heard there was another round of testing in Negaunee, so I dived back into my book and studied hard.  There are three tiers of licenses, each granting additional privileges and a larger allocation of the radio spectrum.

I PASSED of course and currently hold a Technician license.  It’s the lowest of the 3, which are Technician, General, and Extra.  I plan to pass both the General and Extra exams this summer and look forward to building a radio from scratch and experimenting with remotely controling of something that flys!

There are some great resources online if you have interest in getting your license.  The Tech test is pretty easy to pass if you read the book.  Here are a few popular links about Amateur Radio if you want to find out more info.



BONUS LINK – This is Paul or “Willy” who is a very active local ham who teaches classes to help prepare for the exams.  He is extremely knowledgeable about radios and electronics.  His call sign is kbOp – that’s a Zero in there!