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Modern Moviemaking Delivers Fun Film From the Comicbook Era


Ishpeming10/31/2011 – Sometimes film critics take their profession too seriously and pick apart films with over-analysis. I’ve ignored critics for years and gone with my gut response to trailer previews and decided for myself if a new release caught my interest. This weekend I rented Captain America – The First Avenger; partly because the trailer looked great, partly because I remember reading most of the Marvel Comics when I was growing up; while waiting for my turn in the big chair at the barber shop.

Comic Book Heroes
Captain America

The plot line of the movie follows a good time line of events that unfold the story that keeps the viewer’s interest. Surprisingly enough, there are several interesting involvements of characters from other Marvel Comics that I was not aware of. One thing I could not figure out was how the special effects team maintained the scrawny physique of star Chris Evans, playing Steve Rodgers, who later is transformed into Captain America.  Knowing that Evans previously appeared as the Human Torch in both Fantastic Four movies, he is not scrawny by any means! My wife and I both cheered, “YEAH”, when Tommy Lee Jones made his first appearance in the film; Jones has always presented big screen charisma to most of his film characters. Today’s movie special effects teams have a way of expanding the dramatic imagination of comic book readers exponentially with their talented skills that take explosions to the Nth degree. Hugo Weaving was cast perfectly as the villain, Red Skull opposing Captain America at every turn.

This is simply a fun movie along  with all the other Marvel Comic films that have come out in recent years. I completely forgot that Stan Lee was going to again make a cameo appearance until he appeared unexpectedly, until I spotted him; to which I then exclaimed, Hey, there’s Stan!!!”


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