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Local Government says No More “Spice” In Our City


Iron Mountain12/05/2011 – The Iron Mountain City Council last night, moved on the issue to ban future permits for local businesses to open and sell Spice, a new synthetic marijuana. No permits will be issued to local businesses in the city limits.

Iron Mountain City Council
Local Government Makes Decision

On a personal note, I support this council’s efforts. And I’d like to see Escanaba and Marquette act in the same way. How many negative signs connected to usage do Marquette County government officials have to see before they act responsibly like Iron Mountain did.


More marijuana sales are not the answer.


I see the affect of an open marijuana growing and selling has had on two men in Ishpeming. After a years worth of use, they are unemployed, unable to help others like before, acting hazy, dull, and more lazy than ever. Using the hash has further disabled them. I don’t even like to talk to them anymore because they are not longer able to engage.


More marijuana is certainly not the answer in Ishpeming and anywhere in the U.P…


Do you agree local city councils should follow Iron Mountain?



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