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US Mail…Snail – mail…I like it…But I’m OK to change it.


Ishpeming12/05/2011 – 45¢ to mail a letter in southern Miami, to Juneau, Alaska?  I think that’s a good value.

BUT… the U. S. Postal Service says that’s not enough. They are losing 4 billion dollars this year.

OK,  what do you do to save Postal services?

Marquette City Post Office
Can the Federal Gov't save it's Postal System???

First Class now takes 2 days…OK No Saturday mail…OK that’s fine!
Streamlining processing centers and closing some would reduce some 28,000 jobs…darn…any other options?… Not OK, but the Postal Service might have to face this reality.

E-mail on the internet is Free.  Somewhat impersonal…non-touchable…but Free!!

Free is good. People can afford that cost, just like your local radio station, a Free service, free Local news, Free local weather, Free sale items from local businesses, Free Day Planner events, Free music back to back. Local Radio lives on!!!

Sure you can pay for local TV, pay for the dish, pay for cable, and pay for satellite radio…..but Free seems to be the favorite option. It’s all Free and on the Radio.

Do you think the postal changes are OK?




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