Home Lounge The Major Our Tax is due by midnight Tuesday. So just file.

Our Tax is due by midnight Tuesday. So just file.


Are you feeling happy?

Be smart! At least file an EZ by midnight. Then find a preparer and do it right with an amendment.

Are you in a good mood?

Have you filed?

Good moods and happy feelings might all end if you don’t file by midnight Tuesday.

The IRS will put you away after awhile if you don’t file.

It’s a bad feeling to send that check in.  But what’s the alternative,  fines and penalties.

So sing a little song and sign that ez-form and file by midnight.

WORD TO THE WISE…It’s far better to have a tax preparer do it for you.  For the $60 an hour they’ll charge, you’ll be much better off.

P.S. You can always amend with a preparer and get some money back. Call somebody and make sure it’s right.

Happy trails to the POST OFFICE by MIDNIGHT Tuesday!

Finally, here’s some light hearted tax stuff from FreakingNews dot com


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