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Farmer Drives 400 Horse Power Rubber-Tracked Tractor through Downtown Birch Run

A giant tractor dowtown in drivetime traffic

Birch Run April 13, 2012 – The Birch Run Mall was packed today with maybe 1,000 to 3,000 to 5,000 mostly women shopping the Outlet Stores. This is known as one of the biggest Outlet Malls in Michigan located just North West of Detroit.

I took a little ride in my truck to the car wash because my shopping desire was light at best.  I was simply amazed at what I saw downtown Birch Run.   The red tractor was ripping down the road right next to the largest Shopping center in Michigan.  I mean this is a large-Large-LARGE farm tractor.

This was a mean machine. It was most likely a Case or International machine and had to be 400 horse power, articulating, full hydraulics, and on floating rubber tracks. It’s the type of tractor you just can’t get stuck even in the deepest mud holes in the vast farm land North of Detroit.

This Friday afternoon I witnessed Shopper versus Farmer downtown Birch Run, with shoppers scurrying to their favorite outlet mall store, as they passed and beeped at the big red tractor.

My question was where were these guys going? There wasn’t a Lowes or a Tractor Supply nearby, just famous outlet clothing and kitchen stores.

So my biggest chuckle came when the two ole farm guys that were driving this half million dollar machine,downtown Birch Run, simply pulled into the funeral home.  Were they going to see Clem?

I guess only in rural America would could experience such an event.

Ahhh, made it at last. This rides nicer then my Ford pickup.


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