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Norway in Europe receives broadcast of Munising Michigan radio station


Munising –  October 23 20100 –  WQXO – AM 1400 from Munising received in Norway.

In October I and three other radio enthusiasts visited the north of Norway.

We brought with us our radio receivers just to listen to North America and Pacific radio stations in the AM broadcast band. The north of Norway is a very favorable location with polar nights and a short cut rout across the arctics. To pick up these very weak long-distance radio signals we use very long antennas – up to 1800 feet.

On the 23rd of October at 5:25  AM in Michigan I managed to catch the signals from AM 1400 – WQXO. On the attached MP3 file you can listen to a short recording of WQXO as it was received in the north of Norway with “True Oldies” from the years I was a tiger on the dancing floor. Not exactly local quality – but… .

I´m 72 years old – retired from my officer profession in the Norwegian Army Signal Corps. My last job was as commanding officer (major) of a technical workshop. As retired I can use much more time to my radio hobby. I listen many hours each week – in sleepless nights and mornings I do tune in to the AM broadcast band to listen – especially for radio stations in North America.

A confirmation of my reception of AM 1400 WQXO from Munising really would make my day!

Have a nice day

Tore B Vik,

Kirkasvn. 15

NO-1850 Mysen



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