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Marquette Care Clinic Fund Raiser


Marquette Care Clinic Fund Raiser

Marquette –  March 26, 2011 – Two hundred people gathered

It was an evening worth remembering.  Some 200 gathered for a multi-media concert. The band “In the Mean Time” sang 5 songs at Lake Superior Church at the Cross Roads.  41West sang 5 songs also.  Other bands played as well with a emphasis on Christian praise. An offering was taken for the Marquette clinic and $1,424 was raised. The clinic is located on Third Street in Marquette and has an ultra sound machine, did 100 ultra sounds last year, and conducted 650 interviews helping pregnant women make better choices about that little one. “Choose Life” was stated many times.  41West is picture below and also a close up of 15 year old Naomi Noordyk singing lead vocals with 41West….and a special thanks to photographer Walter Aho a senior in Media at NMU




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