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Memeorial Day Weekend Golf Was Perfect In Upper Michigan


MarquetteMay 26, 2012 – It was 7am Saturday morning, a perfect morning to play golf.  And it was a very good round.  Infact, I was ahead through most of the round.

This close shot was so rare he asked me to take a picture. We aren't very competitive are we?

Finally hole #9.  I was still up a stroke.  And my new X-partner, Bill Tibor, planted the seed of hitting a ball into the water as I walked to the 9th tee.

You see, golf is a mental game.  Sure it involves swinging, and twisting, and walking, and angles and distance judging.  But once you’ve been down the fairway 100 times, 90% of what matters is what’s in the mind.

So for my new X-partner to viciously plant the seed that I was to hit water worked quite well.  In fact 2 in the water and 4 more strokes for a ugly finish.

Naturally he hit a monster drive over the water and a 7 iron within a foot of the pin.  Ok Bill you win.  And after that little nasty seed you planted,  we’ll just see what happens next time!

Ohh that’s right, there won’t be a next time.  (hee he he)


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