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Presque Isle Friday Night Concert Series Ends with Mike Beauchamp and GRN Twine

These girls can sing…Whew!

Marquette August 31, 2012 – The sounds of beautiful singing and acoustic guitar strumming were ringing through the park at Presque Isle Friday evening as the final concert of the Friday night series was performed.

Mike Beauchamp opened the night at 6pm with some country ballads. Infact these were all the tear jerk-er types like Randy Travis’s 3 Wooden Crosses and We Danced by Brad Paisley. I noticed Mike had alot of the audience blinking more than normal. Mike had a nice country style with his singing and his acoustic guitar rounded every thing out. I enjoyed his half hour.

The Gold Mine Girls from Big Bay played a set of their regular songs.

The final act was a 3 piece band of acoustic guitarists/singers called GRN Twine. Singer & song writer Naomi Noordyk joined the Gold Mine Girls to finish the evening off with 60minutes of 3 part harmonies. The girls sang songs by the Dixie Chicks, Kelly Pickler, Maroon 5, and Neil Young. I enjoyed their harmonies and guitar playing.

Lastly, I have to say thanks to the team of two put this entire summer session of concerts in the park on. They were at each event providing for sound, mics, da’s, cord, speakers, everything needed to entertain in Pres Que Isle Park Marquette.  My hat is off to their commitment to the arts and making a platform for young people to entertain.,  Thank you Mike Beauchamp and Steve Martin of www.northernsound.net

Thank you Mike Beauchamp and Steve Martin for putting on the concert series all summer long!


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