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260 people attend the GLR Hot Tub Giveaway and Lake Linden Walks away with the prize!

People enjoyed a meal from Mama Russos, ice cold refreshments served by Country Lanes and Entertainment Center and throwin’ Darts. Fun!

Ishpeming – September 27, 2012 – The giveaway party was a hoot last night at the Country Lanes and Entertainment Center. Some 260 people gathered at the Lanes.

We had a excellent homemade meal by Mama Russo’s.

Then we all lined up and threw plastic darts on a real darts machine.  21 folks were picked to throw the old style metal darts breaking balloons.  One finalists was asked which balloon she was after and she relied, “I’m really after a new man”.  We all laughed.

Lonnie, owner of the Rec Depot, was blind folded and he threw the final dart.  Lonnie in fact threw about 50 final darts till one stuck. We hooted right along with blind folded Lonnie.   After several attempts, a dart stuck in spot #18 and Debbie Tarvainen of Lake Linden won the prize. IHS Construction of Marquette will be providing a deck or slab for the hot tub and Code Electric of Marquette will be wiring it in.

People said “I’d love to win a new Gator!”

We always announce our next giveaway at the end of the party.  This time we  gave the 260 people a curve ball when we displayed a new John Deere Gator from our local sponsor Doug Gentz & Michigan Sales at  www.MichgianSalesJohnDeere.com.  Everybody thought and hoped we were giving that Gator away right before Christmas.

That would be a very nice gift, but this time Holiday Travel has stepped up to the plate with an all inclusive, all expense paid week in Mexico in Cancun at an all inclusive report with food, beverage, silky beaches, golf, tennis, etc. included.   See Laura and the girls at Holiday Travel if you’d like to take a trip.

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