Wood Heating in the U.P.

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Get this Vermont Casting wood stove on the Shopping Show now!

Wood heat is the best way ever to heat your home or business. It’s a renewal resource which always replaces itself or is replaced by loggers.

It’s available all across the U.P. and you can get it free on state land. The easiest way to obtain firewood is by using the top of trees after loggers leave. It’s easy.

On the Shopping Show, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Wednesday’s on WFXD and WKQSfm, we have a Vermont Castings wood burning stove that you can save $1,670 on!

Rec Depot is offering a Vermont Castings wood burning stove including a blower, warming shelf, spark screen for its door and a flue collar for an 8 inch pipe. This 2 in 1 stove can switch from a catalytic to non- catalytic operation conveniently for the owner. This purchase also covers $500 towards permits, pipe and labor by a licensed mechanical contractor.

Get more information on the Vermont Castings wood stove online at upbargains.com.

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