Ishpeming –  March 18, a windy snowy morning downtown Ishpeming means the flags are flying, but the wind mill won’t move.

I believe in trying new projects. I love innovation, and invention.  I believe in try, try, try again.  After all, that’s how we got the light bulb and so many other inventions.

Despite my love for innovation and invention, I still chuckle every time I see the wind blowing like a son of a gun and this windmill standing there idol! Will this eggbeater ever generate power?
Being Dutch, with my ancestors from Northern Netherlands north of Amsterdam, where there’s nothing but wind mill after windmill after wind mill, this is a specially comical to me.

Now apathy is a bad thing. If Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, or Thomas Edison were still alive, and they lived
downtown Ishpeming, what would be going on ?

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