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Marquette Michigan’s Abandoned Orphanage did not Sell according to News Guru Walt Lindala


Marquette, MI –  May 6, 2011 –  Reported on the Radio Sunny 101.9fm WKQS this morning, several Upper Peninsula businessmen men met on the steps of the Marquette City Court House yesterday. At 10am, the city  set out to sell the old Marquette orphanage.  The city valued the building at $400,000 and the property at $280,000. The city also disclaimed the building is completely out of repair and actually deemed unrepairable.  The Unknowns apparently detracted from a sale.   If it was possible to renovate the old building, what could a person do if you owned the old orphanage? How about these ideas. A new grocery store with a healthy emphasis?  Hmm…Probably not because the Marquette Food Coop is already doing well and is right around the corner. A new school?  Hmm…Probably not because there’s New Life Christian school functioning in the next block and several good Marquette city schools just down the road.   How ’bout a new state of the art hospital?  Hmm…a silly idea! Nearby Bell and Marquette General already have that covered. Or a new restaurant?  No, there’s 50 nearby. Lastly a sports center and shooting range for archery and pistol practice.  Now, here’s an idea.  There are no shooting ranges in the area! Plus how about another sports complex. It would instantly fill up.  Do you like that idea? Or what is your idea?



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