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Complete Fresh Rebuild Of 1984 Harley Soft Tail By Mikes Rolling Thunder

1984 Soft Tail Feb 2015 002
Mike’s Rolling Thunder repair of Ishpeming deep into the rebuild of a worn out1984 Harley Soft Tail

Ishpeming  –  March 3, 2015  –  Mike’s Rolling Thunder in Ishpeming has rebuild to factory specs a worn out 1984 Harley soft tail.  This local owner will love how this bike rides and feels.

Mike split the engine apart.
Mike had the tranny all apart.
There are new seals in the tranny and Mike checked all the gears.
He did an engine boring, fully re-boring the cylinders and installed new pistons and rings.
The boring had to happen because there were scuffs in the cylinders.
Had the cases delegated and checked fly wheels and crank.
Mike installed all new seals and lifters on the engine.
The lifter rollers are new again.  Mike has a special tool to change to rollers saving you money.
Mike is doing a valve job on it where he resurface the valves and grinding the value seats in the head, all with the valve grinder machine.
This Harley is going to run like new again.
It is wore out from too many miles.
It has never been apart since 1984 and a nephew bought bike from an Ishpeming resident.
A New bike would be 20-25,000 dollars, but for way less than the price of a new Harley, this one is like new and on the road again.  If you need your older Harley or Triumph to sing like a happy lady in the shower, or if you’d like to add 30% horse power to your stock bike,  call Mike’s Rolling Thunder in Michigan at 906-485-4881.  Mike can have your bike picked up or shipped in. Or maybe you have a friend traveling through Ishpeming Michigan and he’d drop it off for you..  It’s worth the trip to have it restored by Mike’s Rolling Thunder.


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