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Inspiring Youth from Wisconsin and Northern Michigan partipiate in Fine Arts sponsored by the Assemblies



Waupaka May 14, 2011 – Hundreds of Wisconsin and Northern Michigan kids come together to celebrate the gifts God had given them. About 30 kids from Good News Assembly of God Ishpeming participated. Many received high honors and will be invited to attend the nationals in Phoenix Arizona in early August.

About a thousand kids from various Assembly of God churches gather each spring at Waupaka High School for a celebration of the fine arts.

Kids are encouraged to play the piano, guitar, brass or woodwind instruments. Also featured are worship bands, team drama groups, art  projects, and public speaking by delivering a sermon on a topic these youth are passionate about. They truly rise to the occasion and deliver inspiring performances. Many have hearts of gold, and view their performances as a token of thanks to God for the gift he has given them.

These kids are cream of the crop in talent and solid Christian core values. Many will go off to college and further develop their gifts becoming preachers, teachers, pastors, and worship leaders. College Scholarships are award to all with honors.

All those music lessons, and all that harping on them to practice has paid off because the child falls in love with the gift.

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