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Pot Holes at U.P. Business are Getting Gigantic


Office Max Pot Home #1

MarquetteJune 24, 2011 – I am floored by how large the three pot holes are at the entrance of the Office Max store in Marquette. They have grown to the size of a pickup truck hood.

Does Office Max Corporate realize it would take more than the “Easy Button” to fish someone out of one of these swimming pools?

I slid my foot ever so carefully to this black hole in hopes it would not slip in.


Pot Home #2 – it is deep!

Soon after looking at these holes, it was time for lunch. My goal was shop the Max for mechanical pencils and head to Hardess.  While I sank my teeth into a juicy new Bacon Burger at the newly remodeled Marquette Hardess, I asked a friend if he had seen the giant pot holes at Office Max. We both broke out in laughter and said “Woa.”

Could you imagine entering this hole with a motorbike, or a pedal bike? You’d either bend your rim, or you’d  launch right over the handle bars.

I asked my friend, “Do you know who owns that building and parking lot so we could let them know about this”?  He exclaimed, “No but they should fix those holes.”

We agreed either Office Max or someone else who is in charge should take care of this driving hazard. Whew!


Pot Home #3 is deep with ragged edges


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