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Festival Of Treasures Attract Record Numbers in 2011


Ishpeming  – July 1, 2011  – A new record of people turned out downtown Ishpeming at the Festival of Treasures. “We set a record this year,” said Charlie one of the Ishpeming Business Association board members.  “Hundreds of people came down much earlier this yea as well”.  ABC 5 & 10 reporter pointed out that the main new event this year was the “Texaco Country Showdown” wfxd.com and apparently that really helped draw people downtown Ishpeming. 8 singers and bands entertained brilliantly.

This Ink is the only safe ink for kids and adults beause it washes off and smells like fruit.

Visitors took part in a chain saw demonstration, shopping for scarfs, jewelry, wood carved pencils, homemade beef jerky, Avon, temporary tats, knives carved out of recycled steel, and extreme wood carvings by the chain saw carvers.

The Shopping Show has two of these carvings available at upbragins.com

Sloppy Joes are called Spanish Burgers in Door County

Republic Lions are serving delicious Sloppy Joe meals for $5 bucks


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