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U.P. Weather is Unpredictable


The sky darkened as the rain pulsed down by the terminal entrance sign at Sawyer International

GwinnJuly 5, 2011 -You just never know about the weather in the U.P.  –   About 6pm cool & stormy weather rolled through Alger County and in Gwinn with 5 inches of instant rain.  I drove just down the road a few miles it was  sunny, warm, and humid in Negaunee.

The heavy rain in this picture hides the Sawyer International Airport entrance sign on the left with buckets of rain coming down.  I kept thinking how do they land a plane in such heavy rains?

And at the same time in a few minutes I drove to partly sunny, warm, summer time weather in Ishpeming-Negaunee.

The U.P. weather changes so much with drastic swings within a few miles. Maybe our weather here remains so dependent on the wind over that  giant pool of water to the north…Lake Superior



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