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Praise and Worship Rang Out From The Ishpeming Armory



Ishpeming July 8, 2011 – Adam Cares and the Big House Band was spectacular ay the Ishpeming Armory.

This band flew to Marquette from South Carolina. They are pastors and leaders at a local active church on the coast.

Last night about 50 people actively worshiped God under Adam’s direction and power of the Holy Spirit.

Tonight a hundred came and enjoyed robust music and praise. Adam prayed for each person there and some moving testimonies were shared.

Organizer Paddy Palomaki said the two day event was a success The free form worship experience meet the needs of many locals from as far away as Calumet and Iron Mountain.

If you have needs or family difficulties, Paddy would be happy to chat with you anytime.

You can view more info at WWW.parachurch.com, or on Facebook at Parachurch.


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