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Last Week in July is The World’s Greatest Aviation Show in Oshkosh Wisconsin featuring New 2 Seater Electric Plane

This is one of hundreds of old war birds that will be in Oshkosh July 25-31 2011

OshkoshJuly 25 – 31st 2011 – EAA’s Air-Venture will be a spectacular display of planes. In fact hundred of planes: vintage, war birds, experimental, giant bombers and cargo plans, naval planes and everything private and jet. This event is worth seeing.

Air shows, fireworks, entertainment and outdoor movies for your family to enjoy for an unforgettable vacation close by at an affordable cost of $19 to $35 daily ticket. You Won’t Want to Miss It!

Oshkosh 2011 Air-Venture Highlights hundreds of planes and other events too.

A new 2 – seater electric plane will be debuted. This is really going Green.

* Opening Day Concert by REO Speedwagon – July 25 presented by Ford Motor Company

* A week long celebration of the Centennial of Naval Aviation, including the largest gathering of naval aircraft of all eras

* The Zeppelin NT, the world’s largest flying airship, will be on site for the entire week

It is so cool to experience 100 warbirds flying in formation above you



* Super Saturday presented by Southwest Airlines, featuring an afternoon air show, Aaron Tippin in concert, a spectacular night air show and the Daher-Socata Fireworks

* The world’s only airworthy B-29 Super Fortress “FIFI” will be present. Very big, very cool.

Plus you can just browse  through rows and rows of airplanes including some very small experimental models. This is such a cool resource and it’s only 4 hour away from Marquette.

Here’s a video link of a guy from Florida that created a car called the Maverick that also flies. The Maverick drives at 90mph and flies at 45mph. The inventors story is his dad was killed in Ecuador as a flight missionary and the village people that killed his dad adopted him and raised him encouraging him to help them fly. Click Here


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