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Marquette County Fair 2011 Bustles With Setup Activity


Marquette  – August 11 – 15, 2011– The Marquette County Fair looks exciting this year. As one travels State Route 553 and passes the fairground, the sky line’s filled with rides, a big Ferris wheel, numerous food vendors, campers, and horse trailers.

Marquette County Fair Livestock 2011
Youth Livestock Get Cleaned Up

Wednesday was setup day and check in day for the 4-H kids.  Numerous stock trailers and fancy horse trailers arrived with a few hundred animals.

Marquette County Fair Livestock 2011
Livestock Goats Get Prepared For Showing

The market sale is this Saturday at noon and there are more animals than normal to sell this year. Wednesday evening kids were washing pigs, horses, cows, goats and sheep.

Sheep Shearing Marquette County Fair 2011
Sheep Shearing Preparations For Showing

I saw a young couple shearing the wool off a sheep, making the animal look market ready for judging Thursday morning.  I saw the helicopter that will be available for rides.  Dr. John and Dr. Sandy Mclean, chiropractors from Mclean Family Chiropractic were offering massages by minute rates including an attractive $29 special I’m thinking about trying.

Marquette County Fair 2011
Ford Tractor On Display

Numerous people are camping in tents, trailers and motor homes living outside and ready for a fun week at the fair. Come on out and enjoy this year’s Marquette County Fair!



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