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Marquette County Fair 2011 Is a Blast for 4-H Kids and Families Of All Ages


Marquette  –  Friday August 12, 2011  –  Hundreds gather at the Marquette County Fair Friday evening. The carnival seemed very busy with little kids smiling ear to ear enjoying every minute of the train rides.

4-H kids are showing their animals to various families passing by, encouraging them to be at the “Saturday Market Sale” to purchase an animal.  Families gather at the gazebo to listen to some raw, metal style music.

Numerous folks wander through the exhibitors barn to find massage going on at McLean Family Chiropractic of Marquette, and a $29 special good at Mclean’s office by Econo Foods and Jeffrey’s Restuarant, or next to GKC Royal Cinemas.  Bountiful Balloons of Marquette shows off animal balloons, which can be purchased for $15.  Numerous 4-H quits, blankets, pictures, flowers, plants are shown and have been judged displaying blue and red ribbons.  At the center of the exhibit building lies fun: unicycles, old style 2 wheel bikes, and a bike with 8 seats where one drives, and 7 pedal.

Rain passed by and some camper scurried about moving their guitar or cook outs and some folk in tents moved their tents under large pine trees to stay a little extra dry.  Horse events ran all night long where speed was the order of business.

How 'bout some Mackinac Island Fudge Ice Cream says Nicole Usher
Sam Beauchamp of Evergreen Acres 4-H group, and Nicole Usher of Busy Bees/Challenge Seekers 4-H club take ice cream orders
Jilberts is at the fair
This Jillie Cow means Jilberts Ice Cream Is Near By
The National Guard Lures Teens In For Some Hoops
The National Guard Hopes Teens Stop For Some Hoops
The midway is busy with families at the Marquette County Fair
Lots of kids are riding at the Fair's midway
Croatian Chicken at the Marquette County Fair
Ummm... Salty, Warm, Croatian Chicken is the best at the fair
Nice 4-H exhibits at the Upper Peninsula Fair in Marquette
4-H exhibitis at the 2011 Marquette County Fair


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