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Bucks Restaurant Packs A Better Burger With Generous Steak Fries, Ummm


Ishpeming –  August 29, 2011 –  Summer ends with a bang on the Weber grill at my home.  I enjoyed the finest burger of the summer pictured below.  So feeling real good Monday morning, I set out for a day’s work which included a visit to Wilderness Sports to work on a promotion Sandy had going.

Lunch followed at Bucks Restaurant.  At around 11:22am, I was sipping coffee at Bucks and the cook glanced my way.  I proceeded to show “the Chief”, the head cook, the restaurant owner known as “Tuner” the picture of my Better Burger, grilled at home the night before.

Tuner smiled somewhat irreverently as he glared down a bit skeptically at “My Better Burger” pictured on my smart phone. In fact I sensed a notion of dis-harmony.  Inside him I could feel his conscience saying, “Huh, yoose think that’s a Better Burger, just let me show ya’ what I got”.

So within me I felt like Tuner laid down a Better Burger Challenge.  It reminded me of one that seemed quite serious, somewhat like a Bobby Flay, Food Network Challenge.  Tuner’s mission was to show me he has a Better Burger at Bucks.

Normally I would never followup my next meal with a item of the same cloth. But the challenge was laid down, and I just had to order Tuners 1/2 pounder, with cheese, with all the fixin’s including lettuce and tomato.  Humm, would it match up to my super End Of Summer Better Burger?

Tuner disappears from the table and before long, out comes this big burger,  a generous order of fries, with tons of condiments, fresh crispy lettuce, ruby red tomato, Heinz ketchup, wow…  Now usually I say a Prayer Of Thanks before I jump in, but I was so enchanted by this Throw-Down I forgot to say Grace until I was done.  And let me tell you, I was thankful.   Ok-Ok-OK – Tuner wins.  He edged me out. Bucks Restaurant does have a Better Burger.

What a burger downtown Ishpeming
Tuner's Better Burger Platter at Bucks Restaurant Downtown Ishpeming - OK I guess he wins.
a better U.P. burger
I thought my End of Summer Burger would win all



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