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Marquette Township Car Show Reved With Great Cars


Marquette – 09/10/2011 – Applebee’s of Marquette presented their 9th Car Show and it continues to still run strong.  Don and Jeff Kristola of Skandia & Marquette continue to organize the Applebee’s September Car Show tradition.  About 50 cars are expected on this Sunny Saturday at Applebee’s.

Marquette Township Car Show Applebee's 9th Annual
Jeff And Don Kristola planning the show in Applebee's

Don is driving a 39 Pontiac which is one of 24 vintage cars he owns.   Don said he drives the 1939 Pontiac to most of his events.  Don purchased it from his uncle in the Copper Country. His uncle bragged often it was the only car able to, with he help of chains, climb the old Hubble Hill. Chains always helped that effort succeed.

Another favorite of Don’s is a 1956 Mercedes 300 which is drives every so often. As for the other 22 cars he’s workin’ on it. The average restoration takes about 200 hours and can be done in a month if you put the nose to the grind stone.

15 years old Naomi Noordyk and her mother Rita both wanted to get into this vintage truck.

Manager Jeff Kristola of Applebee’s said he likes the Old Car Pasty Club.  The show is always the first Saturday after Labor Day and is antique and classic cars only. If you want more information on next years show contact Don at ddkristola@aol.com, or Jeff at jgkristola@yahoo.com


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