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Thumbs Down For Drive – Sorry The Lane Changes Weren’t Even Good


Ishpeming – 09/17/2011 – A new movie was released called Drive.

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The star is a Driver, a Hollywood stunt driver, flipping cars and spinning wheels for formulaic Hollywood action pictures. But as he likes to say, “It’s only part time …

He also was the Driver of a few heists of pawn shops and the like.

Wow, was it ever poorly done.  Bad acting, the plot, the transitions, the stars, even the music was done poorly. I heard someone say “And they think they have a real winner here”.

Now do you remember the good old car movies.  Like Herbie, The Love Bug,  or some of the racing films that Disney did, or even Le Mans or Grand Prix.  The original, Gone In 60 seconds, from 1974, filmed a 40 minute car chase scene containing nearly 100 crash stunts. There was only one film from the ‘90s, Ronin, that made Hot Rod Magazine Top 40 Movies by their voters.

Click here for Hot Rod Mag’s Top 40

Wow….Drive had none of this.  Just a couple of lame, lame actors, followed by three more lame actors.  I couldn’t believe it.  Sorry,  we almost left 20 minutes in.  Ryan O’ Neal’s  1974 film, The Driver, made # 33 on the above list. Thumbs down.  Save your 7 bucks.

Drive Is A Dud
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  1. What an obnoxious review. The acting was sublime and the dialogue perfectly pitched, and the music (apparently done “poorly”) was a masterful show of strength from Cliff Martinez, delivering an atmospheric, brooding tone.

    Drive’s storyline was a wonderfully crafted tale of desire and revenge, two heavy topics dealt with superbly.

    All credible critics, and the average thinking man will agree that Drive’s fantastic cinematogrophy and dangerously ambient mood, coupled with brilliant acting (both from Gosling and Mulligan) make it one of the best films of 2011.

    I hope you watch Drive again, maybe you’ll see what a masterpiece it is.


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