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Some Requirements In Life Are Still Simple


Ishpeming – 09/20/2011 – I have passed this local business sign many times in my years living in Marquette County and have noticed one simple fact. This simple local motel doesn’t brag about having free Internet connection, nor advertise a continental breakfast. They don’t have a swimming pool or valet parking. The Triangle Motel prides themselves on three simple business criteria – their rooms are clean – quiet and cozy! What more then these simple staples of the lodging industry could any business build their foundational premise on. Clean – Quiet – Cozy, three principles; just like the triangle. A three-sided geometrical shape, considered simple in its appearance and composition.

Triangle Motel Ishpeming Michigan
Meeting Three Simple Needs


And the same with the service staff working within. Housekeeping in the lodging/hospitality industry can be an overlooked yet necessary and vital cog in the operational chain. That’s why the management of the Triangle Motel expect their housekeeping staff to possess experience in just three simple position requirements…

Triangle Motel Ishpeming Michigan
All We Ask Of Our Staff



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