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10 Days After The Upper Peninsula Hurricane Toivo Ripped Through


Marquette – A listener text-ed in on Thursday evening September 29 at 9pm that the weather channel was calling our U.P. storm Hurricane Toivo. It did storm through the Upper Peninsula a week ago Thursday evening September 29 and 30th. Hundreds of trees came down. Power was out for thousands. www.markandwalt.com were all over the outages and they posted numerous closures for review.

The station’s phone rang off the hook a week ago Friday morning with numerous listeners calling in thanking us for covering the news as it happened indicating Mark and Walt are the Best At Covering The Storm.

Listeners told us, as far as commercial stations in Marquette, only Great Lakes Radio Stations (103.3fm, 101.9fm, 98.3fm) were on the air this morning. Listeners noticed that all the news was broadcast on WKQS Sunny101.9fm, the Country Extreme 103.3fm, and 983-RUP.

We also use the Emergency Alert System, formerly EBS, and have it break into our programming as watches and warning happen across the U.P. Since WFXD covers some 20miles, we set the system to break in when counties in the western U.P. are affected.

This devise breaks into our stations programming and alerts you instantly of stroms coming


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