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Letter Against Obama Claiming Crimes Against America


WashingtonOctober 18, 2011 –  What is your opinion of this?

Did Obama Create Crimes Against America? What do you think

New Hampshire state representative Harry Accornero has been the first to take a bold step towards freeing American from Barack Obama. Due to the Obama administration’s tyranny and the ignored violations of American borders Accornero wrote an open letter to all member of congress calling for “Mr. Obama [to be] called accountable for his crimes against America.”

In his open letter Accorneroo issued a challenge to his fellow members of government, asking them, “Do you stand with this fraud and treasonous president or with the American people and our Constitution which you swore to protect and defend?”

Harry Accornero says you can join in this historic occasion to make congress recognize what is going on right in front of their faces. Write your local representative to let them know how you feel about the current president and his actions against the United States.  If you wish, you can join the cause by writing to your representative to tell them to support the charges of treason brought up by Harry Accornero.

Harry Accornero said, “If you, like so many other true Americans, are fed up with the way that the Obama administration has betrayed the United States Constitution, stand up and take action. Write to your representatives and let the members of congress know that the American people will not take it anymore.”

What do you think?

Here is the actual letter
New Hampshire State Representative Charges Obama with treason!

Write Your Legislators
Open letter to all Members of Congress,

I am formally asking you to bring a commission of treason against Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

We have a President who allows our borders to be violated by illegals of any country while we are at war. He allows them work permits, access to our services and when apprehended by law enforcement refuses to have them jailed or deported. Barack Hussein Obama has crossed the line, and under Article III, Section 3 of our Constitution is guilty of treason by giving aid and comfort to the enemy and attempting to overthrow our government from within.

Now is the time for members of Congress to finally do your Constitutional duty and hold Barack Hussein Obama accountable for his crimes against America. Mr. Obama is a fraudulent president who is selling out America.

It’s time Mr. Obama is called accountable for his treasonous actions. I can only hope our members of Congress have the intestinal fortitude to do what needs to be done. It is time to make up your mind “Do you stand with this fraud and treasonous president or with the American people and our Constitution which you swore to protect and defend”?

Thank you,
Harry Accornero 603-387-9708
Representative, Laconia, NH


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