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Moms Do Not Appreciate Locker Room Humor


Spring LakeOctober 21, 2011-Sweaty, Schweddy What?

Schweddy Balls Ice Cream Is Not The Choice Of Moms And I Agree

You run, you sweat. You bike, you sweat. But sweaty Ba_ _s tied to ice cream?  Come 0n people.

Despite chuckles from fans of the “Saturday Night Live” skit about this new ice cream, many supermarket chains aren’t laughing and have been giving it a cold shoulder.  Mom’s just don’t like the idea and super markets are mostly willing to support Mom.  I agree.

Supporters and members of the One Million Moms group say NO.  Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls ice cream featuring fudge-covered rum balls has been absent from MANY grocery freezers since it was unveiled. The title was inspired by an innuendo-laced 1998 skit featuring Alec Baldwin as baker Pete Schweddy, who promises, “No one can resist my Schweddy balls.”

Now back home in the U.P.,  my favorite local dairy Jilbert’s  would not be presenting ice cream like this.  Ice cream is a kids things.  It’s suppose to be harmless with NO innuendo.  This name is nothing but locker room humor that’s not appropriate for young children.  I agree with mom’s on this one.


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