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Bunnies and Family and Fun- Oh My!

Lionhead Albino Rabbit
The Easter Bunny

Fun Easter Weekend Festivities

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned for the Easter holiday. I am going to be pretty busy with a whole bunch of family gatherings. On Saturday I will be going to dinner at my boyfriends grandparents house with about twenty other people. It’s going to be a lot of people, but it is always fun. Then after dinner we are headed to my aunt”s 50th surprise birthday party! Shhh! It’s going to be a fun packed Saturday.

Sunday will start off with Easter baskets, yup my parents still make them up for me and my three siblings. They might even be hidden for us ; ) After that we will go to church and eat lunch with all of our relatives. And finally we are going to see my grandma and have an Easter dinner at her house.

I am also thrilled that my favorite commercial is back on…the Cadbury Bunny commercial. Check it out. I hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy Easter!


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