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Benishek Protesters Picket in Support of the Buffett Bill


Protesters at the Marquette Post Office

Benishek Picketers
Supporting the "99%"

Earlier today the sidewalks outside the Marquette Post Office seen one of its bigger protests.

Concerned citizens picketed Representative Dan Benishek, R-Mich., calling for fair taxes in favor of the “99%” of Michigan citizens who belong to the middle class. They also protested tax cuts for the rich, reducing the corporate tax rate, and giveaways to Wall Street managers and oil companies.

Benishek faced opposition from a dozen senior citizens last week when he talked about his support for Representative Paul Ryan’s, R-Wis., plan which would raise health care cost for seniors. It would also require them to have a voucher, instead of a Medicare card, with a set amount of money on it to purchase private health care. However, the private company could still deny them coverage.

Chanting on their way down Washington Street, the protesters walked down to Benishek’s office to deliver the “Buffett Bill.” The bill consists of a list of changes the picketers want to see.

Marquette Picketers
Benishek Protesters
Benishek Protest
Protesters picketing for the Buffett Bill























Benishek Picketers
Walking the bill into Benishek's office


















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