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High Schoolers Raise Money for Poverty: Empty Bowls


Hunger Fund Raiser at the North Star Academy in Marquette

MARQUETTE, MICH.- The K-12 North Star Academy hosted their annual Empty Bowl fund raiser for local and international hunger this afternoon.

North Star Academy
Empty Bowls

All ages pitched in to raise money for the Room at the Inn Homeless Shelter located in Marquette, and Operation Aoy, organized by Aoy Lachapelle, owner of the Rice Patty, which send books, food, and clothing to children in her home village in Thailand. By donating 10 dollars, supporters got lunch and a bowl made by the students to bring home.

Jen Clement, a student art teacher at North Star, said that community service plays a big role at the school and this was a way to make art function for and have purpose in the community.

“The high schoolers get really excited when someone gets their bowl.” Clement said. “They also know that they’re helping their community by doing so. I think its a great way to have the students realize that their artwork can help out others in the community and internationally.”

NMU donated 250 pounds of clay to the school and offered their kilns for the students to harden the bowls.

Mary Ansell, a senior and student adviser for the event, said there were some really awesome bowls and it was a good way to get all the students involved and bring the school together.

“The best part was all the businesses in the community that were on board and wanted to help.” Ansell said. “It was really interesting to see how we can come together as a community and make the event  happen and make it big.”

Clement said it was a great way to get students to donate their art to help others.

“It was definitely school-wide and it wasn’t only art.” Clement said. “Art was a great way to bring it in, but then a lot of other teachers took the initiative. There was definitely a role for everyone in the whole school.”

Clement said the first grade class was taught about poverty and hunger around the world to increase their awareness of the issues. The first graders also got to participate as greeters during the event.

Community members attending the event got to choose bowls made from clay, paper mache homemade-paper, recycled magazines, yarn, wall paper, modge-podge, and collage bird-nest bowls.There was also a silent auction.

The stream of people was steady from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. and everyone was excited to see so many people coming out to help.

“We’ve helped,” Ansell said. “As little as it might seem, we’ve really helped something in our community and abroad.”

Ansell was most excited about everyone getting to see the benefits that came from their hard work, when the kids could see the money being handed over to the people who needed it most.

For information on the North Star Academy and the Empty Bowl event go to their website.


Empty Bowls benefit
Jen Clement
Marquette's North Star Academy
Ceramic, home-made paper, and yarn bowls
Hunger fund raiser
1st grade greeters and their teacher
North Star Academy
Paper mache and collage bird-nest bowls
The North Star Academy
From left: Jen Clement, Nolan Kibit (junior), Mary Ansell, Sarah McLeod (high school teacher)


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